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Hiring Ukrainian talent

Ukrainian refugee recruiting offers for many European and North American businesses a great solution for pressing labor and skills shortages.

Are you looking to hire one of the millions of highly qualified and motivated Ukrainian refugees to solve the labor shortages in your business?

Many charities are offering their help to attract the right talent on their job boards but why are only very few employers successful?

Typical challenges and how we can help your business?

Language Barrier

The majority of Ukrainian candidates have only limited language skills. Even candidates with intermeadiate language skills are looking for job advertisements in Ukrainian / Russian and are hessitant in none native language interviews.

Language Solution

Qualification Approval

Many professions require specific national certifications and approvals. Ukrainian doctors, nurses and truck drivers will find it very difficult to provide necessary documents from Ukrainian universities and governmental institutions to go through a lengthy approval process.

Qualification Solution

Mobility Limitations

Ukrainian refugees are often limited in their choice of residence location once they have registered as refugee within the European Union. Germany restricts the free movement of refugees to the district of refugee registration and reserves to right to impose a different place of residence for refugees based on an inter German distribution key.

Mobility Solution

Housing Shortage

Most Ukrainian refugees live in state-sponsored and controlled refugee accommodations. They loose the right to stay in those refugee housings once they got a job.

Housing Solutions

Employment Laws

Local employment laws and regulations make the employment of Ukrainian refugees difficult. Tax and social security registrations are needed. The validity and duration of the work permit needs regular controls.

Employment Solutions

Culture / Family Limitations

The vast majority of Ukranian refugees are women, many with young children. The Ukrainian employment culture requires from the employer an active role in the support of the family of the Ukrainian employee.

Culture / Family Solutions

Best hiring strategy for Ukrainian refugees

  1. Option: treating Ukrainian refugees equal to other regional native candidates with the same hiring requirements and advertising channels. 
  2. Option: approaching all current and future Ukrainian refugees with targeted recruiting marketing, professional search & selection process in the Ukrainian language, and full immigration and integration support.

The 1st option is suitable for large cities with a large Ukrainian refugee population, and where affordable local housing options are available.

The 2nd option offers significantly better candidate options and a much higher likelihood of long-term business success.

The best method for successful Ukrainian refugee recruiting is to identify the best candidates independently of their current local and refugee status. That allows a much larger pool of potential talent to choose from.

Ukrainian Refugee Recruiting - Your opportunity?

  • Over 10 million Ukrainian refugees including thousands of professionals
  • Free company profile and job offers on our websites and incl. translations into Ukrainian and Russian language
  • Access to our large candidate database (1.5 million Ukrainian candidate profiles) for additional paid outreach marketing campaigns
  • Candidates in software, industry, marketing, hospitality and other industries
  • Full-time, part-time or task based jobs
  • Hire direct, through employer of record or as freelancer 
  • Hire from any country

Ukrainian Refugee Recruiting - What solutions do we offer?

Recruiting Marketing

Client Challenge: Reaching the right Ukrainian refugees with matching skills and work experience proves to be the main challenge in the Ukrainian refugee recruiting process. 

Solution: We are building candidate awareness for your employer's brand and job offers with our direct access to the Ukrainian candidate market. We approach suitable Ukrainian candidates at home and abroad in their native language, and establish their interest into your company by a comprehensive offer.

ClarusApex Recruiting

Talent Acquisition

Client Challenge: Language and cultural communication barriers prevent an effective search and selection process of Ukrainian refugees. A very time-consuming search & selection process with additional support needs by suitable candidates for mobilization, immigration, child care, housing, and integration.

Solution: Outsourcing of the search & selection process including additional candidate support to our agency freeing up your own resources and giving you access to a larger talent pool also for future recruiting projects.

Work outside of Ukraine (licensed work abroad recruiting)

Employment & Mobility

Client Challenge: Many clients are hesitant to employ Ukrainian refugees directly and to arrange all formalities with the local authorities.

Solution: We are cooperating with local employment agencies where you can lease Ukrainian refugees in combination with our search & selection process. Also, we offer direct payroll solutions for Ukrainian remote employees. 

Looking for help with your Ukrainian staffing challenges?

Frequently Asked Questions

We are supporting local charities to help Ukrainian refugees and to equip them with employment opportunities. The issue for employers are that charities are not equipped to run full scale search & selection processes to find the best candidates for employers.

Local charities are dealing per definition with local Ukrainian refugees who represent only a very small portion of potential talent. ClarusApex, on the other side, has access to more than 1.5 million candidates in our database.

Ukraine offers are large talent pool of doctors, nurses and other medical professions. 

Ukrainian doctors have some levels of English skills but they have to go through lengthy accreditation procedures to receive the accreditation to practice outside of Ukraine. We help here with the search & selection process but need the active support of our clients to agree with local authorities on the specific accreditation process for our candidates.

Ukraine nurses are most of the time without university educated and speak little English. The best start-up positions for Ukrainian nurses are caretaker jobs with little certification / license requirements and the opportunity to improve language skills prior to any certification / accreditation steps.  

We started out business in 2006 with sourcing and recruiting of candidates but found very early that our clients were in need of additional services to engage and manage their workforce more efficiently and to reduce their business complexity and risks.

We are permanently following the requirements and needs of our clients and are always exited to find new solutions for “impossible” tasks.

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