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Challenges to hire Ukrainian and international candidates?

Are you wondering why your international job openings are not attracting the right quality and quantity of candidates? 

Are you frustrated that perfect candidates are ghosting you after a perfect interview and your job offer?

Or, did you experience a situation with international candidates who signed your job offer and then did not show up at work even though you have spent a lot of time and effort into the mobilization and immigration process?

The recruitment of Ukrainian and international staff offers great opportunities for employers to fight against labor shortages and skill gaps. The recruitment of foreign staff faces however unique challenges and require more preparation and efforts compared to the hiring process for local staff.

Employers facing this 4 challenges

Why Recruiting Marketing for Ukrainian and international candidates?

Awareness: Before any potential candidate applies for your vacancy they first need to be aware of the opportunity. Building Awareness requires advertising in social media channels, job boards, and classified ads but also targeted outreach campaigns to potential candidates.

Recruiting Marketing

Consideration: Potential candidates who became aware of your employment opportunity are googling your company, pulling up employee profiles on LinkedIn, and reading reviews on Glassdoor. You are wasting opportunities if your website and social media channels are not representing your employer brand and company culture.

Interest: Candidates want to talk/chat with somebody in their native language before they are ready to apply for a job opportunity. Even the best job advertisement and the most complete employer branding do not answer all candidate questions.

How to implement Recruiting Marketing for Ukrainian and international candidates?

ClarusApex Recruiting

Recruiting Advertising - building awareness

Challenge – Awareness: Before any potential candidate applies for your vacancy they first need to be aware of the opportunity. Awareness requires advertising in social media channels, job boards, and classified ads but also targeted outreach campaigns to potential candidates.

Free Solution: Free multi-lingual job ads on our company job boards on and

Paid Job Board Solutions: Target advertising on Ukrainian job boards in Ukrainian and English incl. A/B testing of different advertising text and headlines.

Paid Social Media Marketing Solutions: Direct targeting of suitable candidates on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram channels. 

Paid Direct Calling / Email campaign: We have direct access to more than 1.5 million Ukrainian and international candidate profiles.

Benefits: Reaching out to the right candidate profiles at local prices.

Free - Job Offer Optimization

Free job offer consultation incl. important components for international candidates increasing success rate and improving candidate quality

Free - Dedicated Employer Profile

Free multi-lingual employer profile on our websites and incl. pictures, videos and contact details

Free - Job Advertisements

Free multi-lingual job advertisements on our websites and

Discounted - Advertising Boosters

Use our agency discounts with commercial job boards and gain access to CV databases and candidate profiles

Employer Branding

Additional employer branding and marketing campaigns to boost your company profile visibility and reputation

Recruiting Support

Too successful now with all your new candidates? Let our screening team and call center do the heavy lifting for you.

ClarusApex Recruiting

Employer Branding- supporting consideration

Challenge – Consideration: Potential candidates do not know your company and brand. They will search online about your company and the offered work and living conditions.

Free Solution: Free multi-lingual employer profile on our company job boards on and

Paid Solutions: Additional multi-lingual content for your website / social media accounts or the creation of new employer branding assets.  

Benefits: Increased conversion rate from recruiting advertising. 

ClarusApex Recruiting

Recruiting Call Center- driving interest through communication

Challenge – Interest: Potential candidates are often looking for additional information before they apply for an open vacancy. A key success factor for any recruiting marketing campaign are therefore the setup of chat channels on Telegram and Viber where candidates can ask questions in their native language.  

Paid Solutions: Dedicated mobile phone line with linked Telegram, WhatsApp, and Viber chat channels linked to our call center service.

Benefits: Increased number of qualified applications through higher conversion rate of interested candidates. 

ClarusApex Recruiting

Recruiting Support

Challenge – HR Capacity: On average, a successful recruiting campaign of foreign candidates requires the processing of 10 times the amount of candidate applications compared to the recruitment of local native candidates. 

Solutions: Partial recruiting process outsourcing paid as needed. 

Looking for help with your Ukrainian staffing challenges?

Frequently Asked Questions

Recruiting marketing agencies offer great options to increase your employer brand awareness and recruiting adverting effectiveness. Here are some great resources how you can learn about the subject free of charge, is a resource for the recruitment marketing community to share best practices and learn from peers and colleagues.


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