Ukrainian Talent Acquisition

Sourcing and recruiting Ukrainian talent for international business cultures

Recruitment of Ukrainian staff for international companies with the right mindset, language and professional skills

It is not easy to find staff in Ukraine for foreign establishments. The mentality is different from the West and standard search tools used in Western Europe are often not bringing the expected results in Ukraine.

The Clarus team has more than 10 years experience within recruitment and executive search for the Ukrainian market.

We have built an extensive network and a database of currently 200,000+ resumes of candidates with a level of English starting from intermediate.

We have closed vacancies within all major industry segments, more notably within management (Engineers, Finance & Accounting, Business Development, Sales, and Marketing ).

Your talent acquisition strategy is critical to your Ukrainian business success

At Clarus, we know the risks of starting, developing and growing your Ukrainian business.

Finding and attracting the right talent for your Ukrainian business is very often a frustrating process.

Many candidates show great resumes with excellent skills and experiences but very few are actually suitable for the business culture and work environment in international organizations.

Hiring efficiently is vital for:

  • Avoiding project delays
  • Reducing costs
  • Maintaining productivity
  • Upholding ethics and business policies


To prevent these roadblocks, we build relationships with hiring managers and candidates to ensure the best fit for all involved.

Talent acquisition services to build your competitive advantage

Our English speaking talent acquisition specialists support you at every stage of the recruitment process. They identify experienced candidates according to clients’ needs, no matter how difficult the role is.

It is this level of service and expertise that allows us to offer the most resourceful, workforce solutions in Ukraine.

Use the links below to see the range of hiring solutions available:

  1. Professional Search
  2. Contractor Hire
  3. Work Abroad Recruiting

Professional search: finding permanent talent

Clarus professional search specialists can uncover the best candidates for difficult to find permanent positions in Ukraine and from 45 other countries. 

Our added value services like relocation, immigration and payrolling allow us to attract passive candidates to join your business who would be otherwise hesitant to change their career path.

ClarusApex Recruiting

Headhunting Executive Management and high level expert.

Our long term, in depth market position and reputation in Ukraine allows us access to hidden candidates who would otherwise not consider to speak with local recruiters.

Search and selection of remote staff

Search and selection of remote staff

Ukraine is one of the largest sourcing countries for remote staff.

Clarus offers a complete search and selection and payrolling service that allows up to 48% cost savings compared to Upwork and opens up an easy option to grow your staff into a full Ukrainian service center.

  • Search and Selection of remote staff
  • Payrolling and staff administration
  • Facility search and management
  • Local staff training
Work outside of Ukraine (licensed work abroad recruiting)

Work outside of Ukraine (licensed work abroad recruiting)

Ukrainian authorities estimate that around 4.6 million Ukrainians are working abroad.

ClarusApex is licensed by the Ukrainian government to provide recruiting services to attract Ukrainian citizen to work abroad.

  • Large candidate database with candidates ready to work abroad
  • High volume automated candidate search and selection process
  • Immigration and work permit consulting and documentation process


ClarusApex Recruiting

Mixed Ukrainian and Foreign Contractor Team Recruiting

Running construction projects for foreign companies in Ukraine is particularly challenging and potentially very expensive. Relying on Ukrainian subcontractors, on the other, side without proper management and controls is doomed to go deeply wrong.

ClarusApex recruits the right mix of foreign and local contractors for your project building a unique combination of international best practices, Ukrainian statutory requirements and cost effective Ukrainian technicians.

We provide to you a complete solutions including search and selection, payrolling, work and residence permits for foreign staff and training / licensing compliance services.

Our mixed Ukrainian and foreign contractor solution is highly cost effective without compromising on quality or performance.

Typical Projects are:

  • Electrical Power Plant maintenance teams
  • EPC Wind Park construction teams
Our solutions are suitable for Ukraine projects and work abroad construction teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our talent acquisition team uses a variety of sourcing techniques to ensure maximum coverage of the active and passive candidate pool.

This includes a range of interpersonal and technology-focused approaches:

  • Applicant tracking systems
  • Candidate referral schemes
  • Corporate website advertising
  • Digital marketing (SEO/PPC)
  • Email campaigns
  • Job boards
  • Social media
  • Video campaigns


Key to our approach is the discipline focus of our recruiters. When you need a Cost Engineer and a Construction Manager, you will be assigned different recruiters.

Each consultant is an expert in their vertical and understands the skills, terminology and desirable traits/qualifications for both roles. This niche focus ensures a higher hit rate of suitable candidates for our clients.

During the assessment phase, ClarusApex employs a number of screening methods to assess experience and competence.

As well as the standard industry reference and background checks, ClarusApex can also employ alternative screening methods.

These processes are usually only implemented at the specific request of the client as they have a commercial impact.

  • Face to face interviews
  • On-line screening
  • Psychometric testing
  • Aptitude testing
  • Technical evaluation testing
  • Behavioral-based screening to assess competencies and skills
  • Identity Verification
  • Certification Verification
  • Legal Right to Work Verification
  • Residency Check/Address Verification
  • Criminal Record Check
  • CV Discrepancy Check
  • Employment Verification

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