About ClarusApex

Your Ukrainian workforce solution provider helping international client in Ukraine and abroad

About ClarusApex

For over 14 years ClarusApex has been helping international companies to enter and succeed in the Ukraine business environment.
As German-owned and managed workforce solution provider we are a trusted partner to navigate the difficult Ukrainian business environment.

Our Vision

Ethical, legal compliant and high quality workforce solutions opening business and employment opportunities in Ukraine.

Our Values


We are ethical, open, honest and authentic. Customers and candidates trust us to do the right things.


We are going the long way to make sure that all our business operations are in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations. We cooperate actively with Ukrainian authorities and do not chose short-cuts.


We love challenges. Where others see problems and declare solutions as impossible we are getting excited and deliver solutions.

Creative - Innovative Mindset

We use creativity and an innovative mindset to thrive in our markets for the interest of our clients and candidates.

Looking for help with your Ukrainian staffing challenges?

Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

The labor market and related services are still under development in Ukraine. 

Many agencies are still charging candidates placement fees and sending candidates for work abroad without proper work permit and visas. 

Candidates are often shopping for higher salaries disregarding the longer term career impacts of job hopping.

We see our role to show to candidates and clients how ethical professional human resources services should look like. We hope that our competition will have to follow our example to stay competitive.


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Stefan Lilienkamp - Managing Partner

ClarusApex - Our Story

In 2011 Clarus Eastern Europe joined forces with the Professional Employer Agency and engineering solution expert APEX and built together the ClarusApex group.

The Beginning - Clarus Eastern Europe

The Orange Revolution in Ukraine 2004/2005 and the following reforms motivated many foreign investors to enter Ukrainian.

Foreign Direct Investments 2021-2023

Foreign Investments in Ukraine 2004-2020

Foreign companies experienced many difficulties in entering the Ukrainian market. Finding the right staff with the right international mindset proved to be a challenge. Many companies also wanted initially only a small representation without a full commitment to set up their own legal entity in Ukraine and were in need staffing and support solutions.

Clara Bodin

Clara Bodin – Sweden

Joop Allers

Joop Allers – Netherlands

Our founders Clara Bodin from Sweden and Joop Allers from The Netherlands were taking on the challenges and established Clarus Eastern Europe as one of the leading recruitment, executive search, and HR-consulting company in Ukraine helping international firms venture into the Ukrainian market.

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