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The Ukrainian human resource administration and payroll accounting processes are complex, very formal and are bound for mistakes.

Most international companies in Ukraine are focusing on tax compliance with the help of a chief accountant. Often, the formalities of human resource paper works are delegated to not sufficiently qualified staff. Mistakes are piling up quickly and are leading to bad surprises at the next governmental audit.

Setting up and maintaining proper HR & payroll management systems are easy at the beginning but can be a very cost and time consuming venture later on.

ClarusApex compliance and process audits offer here a simple and cost effective way to secure a high level of compliance at all levels of a company life cycle.

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Human Resource and Payroll compliance audit

Compliance in your human resource management documentation and policies are directly linked with your correct payroll accounting and related tax and social funds payments.

Ukrainian companies are required by law to create a surprising amount of paperwork and policies to follow all laws and regulations.

In particular smaller companies and start-ups without dedicated HR professional are running the risk to accumulate incorrect or missing out on primary HR documentation.

ClarusApex offers here a fast and cost effective solution in form of a 100% document and policy audit with follow-up corrective actions.

A must for all companies on the official audit list and every manager who wants to safe money in penalties, tax liabilities, employee litigation risks and corrective action expenses. 

Corrective actions after governmental audit findings

Did you have recently a governmental tax, social funds or labor inspection audit with audit findings and deadlines for corrective actions?

Now you need to act fast to prevent any further troubles. 

Our experienced consultants review your audit findings, evaluate the risk level and extend of work to correct mistakes and negotiate with the authorities about your corrective action plan.


Labor market and salary surveys

The Ukrainian labor market changes fast with large variations of salary expectations and offers from your competitors. The loyalty of your Ukrainian staff is limited and even slight increases in salary or other employment terms might tempt them to leave your business.

In such a volatile environment you should regularly screen the labor market pro-actively, understand or even build up your backup talent pool and adjust salary levels and employment conditions in advance.

Let us help you with comprehensive labor market and salary surveys. We can also build up for you a proactive talent pool for high risks positions to give you peace in mind to find replacements fast if needed. 

Immigration and Work Permit Consulting

ClarusApex provides a comprehensive range of global mobility services to ensure clients remain agile in an international business environment. We help businesses to reduce costs, quickly enter new markets, maintain accurate and reliable payroll, and remain compliant while reducing risk.

Sending Ukrainian staff abroad or using foreign contractors or own staff in Ukraine. In both cases you should get professional advice about the practical rules, regulation and processes to prevent surprises.  

Our extensive experience shows that there is very often a big difference between immigration laws and their practical implementation.

Looking for help with your Ukrainian staffing challenges?

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Marina Korytnyuk
Marina Korytnyuk - HR Director

Ukrainian HR & Payroll Consulting

Save money by learning about weaknesses and none compliance risks in your human resource and payroll administration before the next governmental audit.

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