Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

One of the biggest challenges of the Ukrainian business environment is that legislation is often changing overnight and without a warning. To be able to follow the changes you will need to keep yourself updated and act fast to prevent mistakes that could lead to high penalties

Clarus is a specialist in payroll, serving many international companies, we ensure 100% correct calculations, orders and reports in-time.

We set up your payroll rules in our payroll software and process the cycle from data entry through payroll, social security and tax calculations, pay direct transfers to statutory and management reporting. All inclusive such that you do not have to use multiple providers for your payroll processing needs.

Our payroll outsourcing services keep your business running smoothly. We take responsibility for a payroll headache ensuring your employees are paid on time, all social contributions and personal income taxes are calculated correctly. You can focus on expanding your business.
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