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Human resource management and payroll accounting are often low in priority for start-up business and small to midsize Ukraine organizations. Reasons are high cost of human resource and payroll professionals.

ClarusApex believes that professional HR and payroll services should be easy, transparent and cost effective. We have created therefore simple outsourcing solutions allowing our clients to focus on their core business with peace in mind that their human resources are managed in a compliant and professional way.

Payroll Accounting

Outsourcing your payroll accounting to ClarusApex creates a firewall to secure human resources documents compliance. Our own payroll accounting software only approves correct data entries. 

Our secure launch process prevents any surprises during the start, our flexible reporting excites management, and our system integrations with 1C, SAP, and client banking systems make your IT department happy.

Human Resources Outsourcing

Managing staff in Ukraine requires much more paperwork and formal processes compared to Western Europe. 

Outsourcing your HR administration to ClarusApex makes sure that your company is from the very beginning legally compliant for a fraction of the cost if you do all inhouse. 

Private Entrepreneur Accounting

The use of “Private Entrepreneurs” is a very attractive alternative for the engagement of Ukrainian specialists.

With the help of ClarusApex you can add an additional level of security and transparency to this attractive solution. 

We control in the name of the client the tax compliant accounting and tax reporting of dedicated “Private Entrepreneurs” preventing tax abuses, none compliance issues and multiple parallel client engagements without the knowledge of the client.

HR Starter Kit

Starting a new business, daughter company or representative office in Ukraine is challenging and time-consuming. Management is struggling with sales, product and service deliveries, and statutory accounting and tax compliance. 

Quite often, the legal requirements for human resource and payroll policies and procedures are low on the agenda following the logic that the business is still small and the number of employees low.

Unfortunately, the first governmental audit will come sooner than expected and mistakes at the beginning of the business will amount to a large list of noncompliances, penalties, and extensive recovery work.

We have developed a minimum starter kit of policies, procedures, and documents your business should have from day one. The set will be adapted to your business model and existing corporate requirements to build a foundation for basic business compliance. 

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