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Are you looking for Ukrainian and Russian speaking staff for your company to serve your Ukrainian/Russian speaking customers or looking for High Educated specialists due to their deficit in your country?

Clarus is able to support you in the search, can select and identify specialists of all kind at any area of professional activity.

Clarus is a fully licensed professional Ukrainian recruiting agency specialized in labor export of Ukrainians for work abroad assignments.

Typical work abroad profiles

ClarusApex offers a wide range of recruiting profiles for work abroad. Here are some examples of previous search assignments.


  • Retail | Hotel | Tourist
  • Shop assistants
  • Receptionists
  • Waiters
  • Bartenders
  • Hairdressers
  • Masseurs


  • Engineers | Scientist
  • Electric Engineers
  • IT Programmers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Semiconductor Engineers
  • Robot Programmers

Our unique sourcing and migration process

Recruiting for work abroad job profiles is very different to local recruitment with a much higher need for transparency and employer advertisements. ClarusApex employs therefore a high volume marketing driven approach to generate enough suitable candidates to fill our recruiting funnel.

Frequent Questions and Answers

Our clients are telling us about the following typical challenges to source Ukrainian talent directly without the help of a local recruiting agency:

  1. Insuffient number of candidate applications from job bord advertisement
  2. Problems to reach candidates who applied for the job by phone or email
  3. Incorrect or simple fake resumes from unqualified candidates 
  4. Insufficient language skills not matching to language skills stated in the resume
  5. Missing documentation of formal qulifications, diploma and work experiences needed for the immigration process
  6. Candidates who were great at the interview suddently dropping out of the recruiting process without prior warnings even sometimes just before departure date


Often clients misunderstand the differences of a recruiting pipeline for domestic staff in comparison to work abroad recruitment.

Successful work abroad recruitment requires 10 to 20 times more applications per job placement and consequently is heavily reliant on massive advertisement and outreach campaigns. 

ClarusApex was processing, for example, more than 8000 applications to fill 60 technician jobs for an electrical powerplant maintenance team working outside of Ukraine.

ClarusApex was conducting in 2018 a large review of the Ukrainian recruiting agencies specialised in work abroad recruitment. 

We found and approached more than 1000 competitors and found that only 5 of them were not actining as placement agencies chargind candidates for job placements.

The history of work abroad recruitment in  Ukraine is a history of deception, fraud and crime. 

Even today when you search Ukrainian job boards and classified adds you can find mainly job offers which are obviously scams or at least inviting for work abroad without proper legal status for the candidates. 

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Stefan Lilienkamp
Stefan Lilienkamp - Managing Partner

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