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Ukrainian workforce solutions to power your business

ClarusApex is a Ukrainian workforce solution provider to international clients

ClarusApex serves as a strategic partner to our clients, offering a turnkey workforce solution to capture and deliver the top talent needed to enter and develop the Ukrainian market.

Our more than 15 years of human resource management experience, our massive candidate database, and pool of available talent and our expertise is unmatched in the industry.

Your Ukrainian Human Resource Partner

ClarusApex is your turnkey partner for all human resource related challenges in Ukraine. 

ClarusApex Recruiting

Talent Acquisition

Finding the best Ukrainian talent with the right international mindset, language skills and industry contacts for work in Ukraine and abroad.


Human Resource Consulting & Management, Payroll Accounting and Private Entrepreneur Tax Accounting.

Outstaffing / Hosting

Employment and hosting solutions for your Ukrainian staff without the need of your own Ukrainian company.

Ukrainian Immigration

Umbrella / Hosting services for expatriates and international contractors in Ukraine incl. work and residence permit solutions.

Focus Industries

Renewable Energy

Service Industries



Frequent Questions and Answers

ClarusApex supports its clients with complete solutions and not simple standard service products.

We utilize our experiences with the Ukrainian labor market and business environment to create unique out of the box solutions. 

Many new foreign market participants believe that they could run their business in Ukraine like at home. 

They tend to completely underestimate the legal and administrative complexities to do business in Ukraine.

The management of personal in Ukraine is much more formal and complex compared to Western European countries. 

Their Ukrainian competitors know their boundaries and work arounds but international companies in Ukraine do not have such luxury.

New market participants get their first governmental audits between 3-5 years after establishment. At this point it is almost impossible or at least very expensive and time consuming to correct mistakes related to Ukrainian labor laws and payroll calculations.

Outsourcing payroll accounting with ClarusApex offers a solid firewall protecting the business from early mistakes. Setting up standard HR procedures and documentation systems build a  foundation for employee satisfaction, retention and future business growth.

Outsourcing of human resources and payroll accounting is significantly cheaper and compliant compared to trying to get along with a none compliant management and salary payment of your staff.

ClarusApex supports foreigners in the establishment of their Ukrainian work and residence permit when they do not have any company sponsorship. 

We also help foreign workers to immigrate to Ukraine to start their own business or to find work with Ukrainian companies.

Compliance is at the core of ClarusApex as German owned and managed company. 

Like our clients our business is under constant threats by imprecise, vague and sometimes misleading legislations. We are also getting regular audits with the purpose to extract penalties from our business. 

As an international company in Ukraine, compliance and ethical standards are the only way forward and the only way to succeed in Ukraine.

Doing the right things means more work but in fact we found that upholding our values and business culture pays off in the long term.

Ukraine Market Entry

ClarusApex is specialized in the market entry support for international companies into the Ukrainian market. This process starts with market studies, recruitment, outstaffing and in the case of larger projects the complete project infrastructure as well.

This process allows our clients like Shell to enter the Ukrainian market without the need to establish a legal entity and to invest a lot of money upfront.

As side effect of our activities we are gaining always a large candidate pool of Ukrainian but also international candidates where we are also looking for employment and contractor opportunities outside of Ukraine.


  1. RECRUITING: Find the best Ukrainian talent with the right international mindset, language skills and industry contacts. Why developing a market by yourself when you can get ready made access for our recruiting process?

  2. OUTSOURCE: Outsource your market entry and the administration of your staff. No need to establish your own branch or company. Rely on our well tested management model.

  3. OUTSTAFFING: Employing your own staff in Ukraine and pay the hefty price to setup your own branch or company in Ukraine? Sign up agency representation agreements and being one out of many without any direct access to clients? Hire freelances who take your client list and business secrets to your competition? We employ your staff and make sure that you have full access and business control.

  4. BUSINESS SUPPORT: Other outstaffing agencies employ your Ukrainian staff as well but are they equipped and ready to provide you with everything you need to succeed in the Ukrainian market? We create since 2006 complete business infrastructures for our clients. Office space, IT infrastructure and support, leasing cars, licensed sample imports, travel expenses, trade fair representations, market surveys, cold calling campaigns. You name it and we fix it.

  5. CONSULTING / INTERIM MANAGEMENT: Getting serious with your Ukrainian business? We recruited the right people with the right business contacts for your market entry. We equipped you with a professional outsourced management and employment model and have equipped your Ukrainian staff with everything they needed to succeed. Now we are ready to jump in and make your first big business the success you are looking for.

Some more information about our services

ClarusApex Recruiting


Find the best Ukrainian talent with the right international mind set and language skills.

ClarusApex finds the best Ukrainian candidates with the help of our large database, long term relationships and industry network. Candidates entrust our company with their career development and appreciate our fair and open approach to new opportunities. Their trust enables us to attract the best and hidden candidates for your business.

In need of Ukrainian staff in your home country? Labor shortages are key blocking factors to grow your business or to defend your cost structure?

ClarusApex is licensed by the Ukrainian government for legal labor export. Let us take care about your employment and immigration challenges. From individual staff members to complete temporary work teams. We are well equipped to solve your staffing challenges at home.


Free up your accounting and human resource management by outsourcing payroll and standard human resource management task.

Ukraine is a mine field of laws and regulation regarding employment, payroll accounting and statutory reporting rules.

Neither your secretary for HR nor your chief accountant for payroll are equipped or most likely capable to create a legally compliant human resource management and payroll system.

Are you going to wait for your governmental devastating audit or are you going out outsource the task to the professionals for a very small fee?

Work outside of Ukraine (licensed work abroad recruiting)


Employment of staff in Ukraine can be a risky adventure as employment laws are complex and still favor employees rights over employers needs. Or are you planning to use freelance or representative agency options wondering why your competition got all the benefits at your expenses?

ClarusApex manages your “employee” or “freelancer” professionally and tightly in your sole interest. We protect you from the employment risks and control you freelancers in their business creativity.


Kick-start and develop your Ukrainian business with full scale business support and infrastructure. Since 2007 we deliver what ever it takes to make our client successful in Ukraine.

We recruited the best staff for you, managed and employed them for you. Let us now take the extra mile for you to drive your initial small investment to success. We equip your outsourced employees with office space, IT infrastructure, leasing car, travel expenses, customs imported samples and most importantly with sales leads.


Surprised by your Ukrainian business success? Not equipped to take on your first big customer order / project? Let us jump in and drive your big order to success with more than 10 years of Ukrainian business expediences.

Your first big Ukrainian business order / project can look scary for you. Are you equipped to manage and source your first big order? Are you ready to manage and drive your order to full customer satisfaction so that you can use your success story to drive further sales? Don`t worry. Let us jump in and push your business opportunity to the success you deserve.

Important News about Ukrainian Human Resources

Stefan Lilienkamp - MD ClarusApex

Stefan Lilienkamp - Managing Partner

Clarus was founded in 2006 by its Dutch and Swedish partners as a response to the needs of international companies to receive high quality workforce solutions and market entry support in Ukraine.

In 2012 Clarus (recruiting and market entry) and Apex (PEO and outsourcing) joined forces to offer a complete workforce solution portfolio.

Contact us here if you have any questions related to Ukrainian staffing solutions.

Integrated Workforce Solutions

Our clients require workforce solutions that are more than just one single standard service.

ClarusApex is well know for its abilities to take on extraordinary challenges with signifacant customer values.

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