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We recently received a recruiting request for home appliance repair specialists in Ukraine to work in the UK. As standard procedure with our recruiting company, we have prepared, as the first step of our recruiting project, a comprehensive labor market review which we would like to share.

Based on our research, we can see that in Ukraine we have only a few private courses which can prepare general specialists and it's only in 1 region. All people who work in this sphere are self-educated and have, for example, an electrician specialty or have completed an internship when they were employed to work in a particular company. Even so, the position is highly on-demand in the market.

Typical job profile for home appliance repair specialists in Ukraine?

The profession of a repair specialist for household appliances allows you to work in many related industries, thereby increasing the competitive advantage of a professional. Such a specialist can repair almost any appliance, from hair dryers or irons to refrigerators, televisions, and washing machines. Some masters specialize in the technique of a certain company, but most often there are universal repair specialists.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The duties of the master largely depend on the place of his work and specific tasks. Most often, such a specialist performs the following functions:

  • detects malfunctions in mechanical and electrical equipment of various types and modifications;
  • conducts diagnostics of household appliances;
  • soldering, fitting parts, adjusting units and mechanisms;
  • checks the health of household appliances after repair.

Depending on the types and complexity of defects, work can be performed both in workshops and at the location of the faulty equipment.

What are the different qualifications for home appliance repair specialists available in Ukraine?

An appliance repair specialist is responsible for the installation, removal, and repair of various types of appliances, most often in residential premises, but sometimes in a commercial or industrial setting. Some of these technicians specialize in specific types of appliances, and some are generalists. Usually, it depends on what educational background they have.

One of the main divisions in the profession is those who work with electronic appliances, such as televisions and computers, and those who work with more traditional appliances, such as stoves and washing machines. Most home appliance repair jobs involve travel to and from work sites, but some work is done in centralized repair shops.

Device repair specialists who work in centralized locations usually work on small devices that can be easily transported. They follow the same general procedures as field service technicians, from observation and testing to repair or replacement. A large number of computer and TV repair technicians work in such an environment.

How many home appliance repair specials are available in the Ukrainian labor market?

We have 1561 home appliance repair specialists in our databases from which 170 have at least basic English skills, but there are many more candidates for this position all over Ukraine.

Based on our research, we can see, that this is a very in-demand job vacancy. There are a lot of service centers and independent companies now in Ukraine. People tend to open their own business because the profession has some advantages:

  • the opportunity to start your own business;
  • high wages;
  • demand for the profession.

What are the salary expectations for home appliance specialists in Ukraine and what does that mean for work abroad salary levels?

Repair specialists are in high demand – there are such vacancies in electrical stores, repair shops, and service centers. Career growth with such a specialist is usually not provided, however, with a sufficient amount of practical skills and with the availability of start-up capital, an experienced repair specialist can open his own repair shop.

The salary in the regions ranges from 15,000 to 20,000 UAH; in Kyiv, the appliance specialists are paid an average of 27000 UAH. The remuneration system in different companies may differ.

If we are talking about vacancies in Europe, the salaries will be about 700 – 1000 USD and it depends on the position and amount of work.

What are the job offers for home appliance specials from Ukrainian and foreign companies?

In Ukraine, we have about 62 open vacancies and it is only past the last 30 days.

Employers are looking for candidates for this position from such companies as Eldorado, Foxtrot, Comfy, etc. Also, a lot of private companies are looking for universal repair specialists. They are looking for a master who is ready for a large flow of orders; can always vouch for the quality of his work; values his professional reputation and cares about it.

If we are talking about jobs abroad, there are about 200 jobs mainly in Europe and all over the world.

The employers abroad are ready to pay a decent amount of money if the employee has the necessary experience and some language knowledge.

What educational options exist in Ukraine for home appliance specialists?

You can get the profession of a repair specialist in a specialized secondary educational institution – a college, technical school, or even at a university, based on which education is provided at various faculties. However, most often those people who wish to master this field of activity graduate from specialized training courses, which have several advantages – they are short-term and cheap in comparison with paying for specialized training.

But unfortunately, in Ukraine, we don't have a lot of private training courses. Even our specialized educational institutions can't give a nice modern knowledge. Usually, people who work in this sphere are self-educated or have completed an internship when they were employed to work in a particular company.

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