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Today's topic is pharmacists. In this article, we are going to talk about this profession, how to get this specialization, who can be considered as a highly qualified specialist, and how to find such a pharmacist. The word “pharmacist” is of ancient Greek origin, which means “giving healing and safety from disease.” This profession is one of the oldest on earth and has a noble goal: to help people maintain their health.

Who is a qualified pharmacist?

We begin by defining and describing the specialization of a pharmacist.

A pharmacist is a specialist who has a university degree in pharmaceutical education, is well-versed in medicines, knows all about their use and dosage, and in the absence of a particular drug is able to replace it with the most accurate proportion without harming the patient's health.

What does this specialist must know and do?

Specialists who have received pharmaceutical education are constantly dealing with medicines, know what kind of active substances are included in each composition, and can determine which dosage will be optimal for a particular person, depending on his gender, age, and other physiological characteristics.

In addition, they must have:

  • Knowledge of assortment of medicines, physicochemical properties of medicines, technologies of preparation, rules of storage. Free to navigate in their types and groups, composition, rules of application, dosage. It is good to understand raw materials.
  • Knowledge of Latin.
  • Interest in chemistry.
  • Accuracy and observation.

Basically, these specialists work in pharmacies and distribute medicines to buyers. They also check the prescriptions of doctors or offer recommendations, explain how to take drugs properly. Quite often, pharmacists help decide which drug to choose for a particular health condition.

Another area of ​​activity that a pharmacist may be involved with is in science, work in laboratories, research institutes, or at the enterprises for the production of medicines.

They also work as a distributor serving as a pharmaceutical company representative liaising with the drug manufacturer and pharmacy and often acts as a sales representative.

Where to study to become a pharmacist?

You can study pharmacist in higher education at the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy, as well as in the secondary specialized. A graduate of a university or an academy will be able to work as a pharmacist, and a graduate of a school or college will only be his assistant.

Do analysts say that pharmacists will stay in demand?

According to analysts, no health professionals will be left without work. This profession, though not new, is still in demand. In today's ecological environment, and with a large number of constantly mutating viruses, it is quite difficult addressing these without the help of skilled health professionals. Dentists, anesthesiologists, nutritionists, immunologists, plastic surgeons, pharmacists will find their place under the sun.

What do we have to say to a potential employer of pharmacists?

A pharmacist today is a sought-after specialization. Many pharmacies today are looking to hire pharmacists. These days, a pharmacist chooses a pharmacy and not vice versa.

Currently, a pharmacist, in addition to possessing the skills of a profession, must know modern sales technologies, the basic principles of marketing, the market conditions for medicines, and be able to work on a computer.

However, in order to become a good pharmacist, education alone is not enough. We must constantly study the huge, constantly updated range of drugs. Too many patients go to the pharmacy without a prescription and begin to describe to the pharmacist, as if talking to a doctor, their symptoms, asking and sometimes demanding to be sold the medicine that they need.

Of course, regardless of education and work experience, the pharmacist is not entitled to independently diagnose the visitor, but he is simply obliged to listen politely and sometimes give advice. People come to the pharmacy for help. Hence they need to be patient, kind, attentive –the necessary qualities for this work, which requires the pharmacist's discipline, accuracy. After all, his mistake can sometimes cause irreparable damage to the patient’s health.

Considering all discussed aspects for finding candidates and hiring such worker who meets all the described characteristics and qualifications you need to form an HR department with experience in this field and of all specifications of the recruiting pressed of medics.

No doubt, forming such a department demands a lot of time and effort. And the cost will be an issue. When you list down all the things that need to be done and feel overwhelmed, it's the right time to consider professional help. The company already knows all you were just about to learn should you decide to hire workers by yourself. It just the option that can save you precious time.


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