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Outstaffing Services provided by ClarusApex

You don’t want to spend time on back-office tasks that generate no income?

You don`t have time to investigate each single day if there have been changes in the Employment law, would like to prevent any kind of labor disputes or would like to reduce the personnel in staff list but actually keeping unchanged number of employee?

With ClarusApex outstaffing we will register your staff, chosen by you and employ the specialist on fixed-term employment contract or civil service contract. ClarusApex will become the official employer on record.

What are the benefits of Outstaffing for your company?

What service includes Clarus Outstaffing service?

  • Preparation of labor contracts
  • All employment administration
  • Calculation and preparations of sick leave, holidays, travel allowance and other
  • Preparations of time sheets
  • Payroll accounting and Taxes, salary, holiday and travel allowance payments
  • Reporting to the tax authorities and connected bodies
  • Monthly reporting and invoicing
  • Health and safety instructions at the enterprise
  • An opening of bank account and bank card for the outstaffed employee

Work and Resident permit

We are also able to offer outstaffing service for Non-Ukrainians. In this case, Clarus will obtain the Work and Resident permit for the Non-Ukrainian outstaffed specialist.

Op zoek naar hulp bij uw Oekraïense personeelsuitdagingen?

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Wat is Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll-outsourcing betekent het inschakelen van een externe partij om alle gerelateerde activiteiten af te handelen om kosten en tijd te besparen bij het afhandelen van financiële taken die verband houden met de salarisadministratie.

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Marina Korytnyuk HR-directeur
Marina Korytnyuk - HR-directeur

Oekraïense personeelsoplossingen

Oekraïense personeelsoplossingen tegen internationale normen en Oekraïense prijzen. De beste waarde in de markt.

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