Brigades (fixed working teams)

because teams are working better away from home

What are work brigades?

Work brigades are groups of qualified workers who are working as a team for temporary job assignments. 

The idea of work brigades originated from the construction industry where construction site managers were looking for established teams for specific temporary job assignments without the need to hire subcontracting companies.

Today, work brigades are common for seasonal or temporary work assignments abroad where the hiring of individual workers and the consequential team-building process do not fit into the limited project timeframe or work visa regime.

Quick temporary staffing solutions with well established and experienced work groups (Brigades)

Why are brigades the better and cheaper solution for Ukrainians working abroad?

We strongly believe in the advantages of work brigades in comparison to individual staff recruitment for work abroad assignments for Ukrainian candidates.

The majority of Ukrainian workers want to spend regularly some time at home with their families. They are hesitant to move alone abroad to an employer they do not know and to work and live with strangers. They are concerned due to many fraudulent agencies and abusive employers that the promised work and housing conditions are actually delivered and their salaries are paid in a fair and transparent way.

Employers are looking for stable employment of staff they can rely on. They do not want to permanently train new staff and are concerned about high turnover rate of existing long-term staff from Ukraine. They are ending up with a patch work of local and international staff fighting with cultural and language barriers.

Employer Benefits

  • Established team with fast readiness to deliver work results
  • Rotating teams allowing the return of experienced people after a home visit/visa renewal
  • Stable social structure with less potential for conflicts and higher performance
  • Large cost savings and improved staff retention with the ability to integrate none English speaking staff members into a homogeneous Russian/Ukrainian speaking work group

Employee Benefits

  • Work in a well known and established team
  • Every 3 -6 months home travel in the group
  • Reliable and constant supervisors and contact partners
  • No language requirements
  • Feeling of safety, security and social integration

Tailor Made Brigades to Order

ClarusApex is recruiting, mobilizes and manages work brigades based on our client needs and specifications.

For example:

  • Level 5 Electrical Power Plant maintenance crew for General Electric gas turbines in Libya
  • Logger brigade for work rotation in Bulgaria

Example 1 - Logger Brigade for Bulgaria

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Example 2 - Maintenance Crew for Libya

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