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Ukrainian Refugees - an opportunity for your business to hire new talent?

Many employers want to help the refugees from Ukraine and offer them jobs.  The general perception of German employers is that Ukrainian staff is highly qualified, motivated and cost effective.

Employers find that the employment of Ukrainian refugees proves much more challenging compared to the emoployment of local staff.

Key challenges are:

  1. Language barrier – few Ukrainians speak German. That makes staff interviews difficult.

Why professional recruiting, immigration and integration support for Ukrainian refugees?

Language and cultural barriers – 

Are you looking to secure compliance by payroll outsourcing?

How to know when your payroll accounting needs help?

Your organization is too small to afford your own human resource manager and payroll accountant. Your secretary or managers are preparing timesheets and your accountant enters human resource related data into your accounting system without controls.

Your are processing manual bonus payment calculations without proper documentation and calculation methods. 

You need up to date system integration with your corporate SAP system and have regular needs to adjust your payroll reporting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We see payroll accounting as much more than simply calculating the amounts of salary, social funds and taxes to pay.

Payroll accounting in Ukraine is a complex process based on labor laws, very formalized human resource orders and tax and social fund rules.

ClarusApex follows a human resource management focused approach on payroll accounting. Our own in house developed payroll accounting system allows us tight control over compliance above and beyond the pure payroll calculation.

We provide accounting outsourcing and tax accounting services mainly for small or dormant companies.

Larger operational businesses should have their own chief accountant.

Yes, we are treating civil service contracts the same way as employment contracts. 

Additional taxable benefits are recorded by us in the employee profile based on client information and are automatically considered in the salary and tax calculation.

Our system can manage multiple group legal entities and employees within a company group with multiple employment contracts.

We are able to create consolidated reports on group and individual business levels.

Your SAP integration is included in our price. We need 1 day to setup our system on the basis of your database requirements.

The Ukrainian payroll accounting outsourcing market has basically 3 segments.

Segment 1: pure manual payroll calculation based on client information. No check on data entry or form errors. No advanced reporting. No client bank data feeds. Only salary pay slips, tax reports and payment instructions. You can buy such service at low costs but yuo need to be ready to accept high compliance risks and extra work for your staff.

Segment 2: Payroll accounting as part of an accounting outsourcing package.  We believe that statutory tax accountants are highly trained specialists in accounting but they are supposed to be specialists in human resource administration and related payroll accounting. 

Segment 3: Human resource administration based payroll accounting with proper IT system nd automated compliance control firewall. 

Here you have the guarantee that your data input into the payroll calculation is checked on errors and compliance risks before your payroll went out.

ClarusApex is a human resource focused company with a track record of successfully passed labor inspection and social funds audits at our clients.

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Marina Korytnyuk HR Director
Marina Korytnyuk - HR Director

Payroll Accounting

Ukrainian payroll accounting is often under estimated by foreign legal entities and start-up businesses. 

Contact me here to go through our quick human resource and payroll accounting audit checklist.

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