Business Support Office

Doing business in Ukraine is complex and there are many hurdles to overcome in setting up here and in managing day-to-day operations. Therefore many international companies are hesitant to enter the Ukrainian market and miss out on the opportunities of doing business in Ukraine.

With the Business Support Office service international companies are able to “navigate these waters” at low cost and low risks.


Business Support Office

The service includes:

  • Clarus will take care of all accounting needs
  • Clarus will employ your employee(s) and can also recruit specialist upon request
    You may rent a desk in our business center, incl phone lines, internet and meeting room
  • Clarus will rent your employees car
  • Clarus will purchase your marketing material

Why Low Risk and Low Cost:

  • No need to register/open a company in Ukraine
  • No Start-up fee
  • Plug and Play principle: within a week you will be up and running
  • No additional cost to exit/close down


  • Have an address in Kiev
  • Have a sales agent employed and dedicated to you
  • Research & explore the Ukrainian market before you invest

Our client’s feedback: its an easy solution for starting the business in a fast and compliant way, Clarus is organizing the office taking care of all employment-related needs and can even support in import related subjects


  • Swarovski
  • (Lichtenstein)
  • InterJute BV ( The Netherlands)
  • Robert Thomas (Germany)
  • Ecolean (Sweden)
  • Raabe (Poland)
  • Plus License (Sweden)
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