Clarus Eastern Eu
Clarus Eastern Eu
Recruit qualified staff from
Eastern Europe
to the United Kingdom
Recruit qualified staff from Eastern Europe to the United Kingdom

We offer a sensitive staged recruiting and immigration process that allows UK companies to prepare for a labor shortage scenario well in advance

UK Immigration and Recruiting Services

Clarus Eastern Europe is a Ukrainian company licensed to provide recruiting and candidate mobilisation services for work abroad.

We cooperate with UK immigration solicitors to guide our UK clients in the recruitment and immigration of highly qualified workers from abroad under the new 2021 immigration guidelines.

Our service process:

How You Benefit

Clarus Eastern Europe recruits Eastern European qualified staff since 2006 for all kind of industries and qualification levels.

Our team of specialists gives you honest advice and support

Free evaluation of your staffing options

Very affordable and transparent service packages

Fast recruiting and mobilisation service when you need it most

Professional legal support from UK immigration solicitors

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