Severe labor shortages in healthcare staff at Western European countries have arrived in the poorer new European Union member states. Qualified healthcare staff is in high demand everywhere. More and more companies are now looking towards Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Russia for additional staffing solutions.

Europe 'à la carte' map
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Eastern European staffing

Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are the last remaining large scale sourcing labor markets for qualified health care staff close to the European Union.

  1. Customer Vetting: Review of customer requirements, work and housing conditions, employer branding and job offer.
  2. Licensing: Analysis of license and certification requirements, educational and work experience conditions and certification tests of the destination country based on customer job profile requirements.
  3. Immigration Process Review: There is often a big difference between the official immigration process for healthcare staff and the real timeline and immigration process handled by the local authorities. We review with the client together their experiences in immigration of foreign nationals and if not available contact specialized immigration lawyers.
  4. Market Review: Review of the labor market and salary conditions. Test calling campaign to representative sample of our candidates. Matching customer requirements with budgets and market conditions.
  5. Candidate Profiling and Recruiting Strategy depends on salary offer, work and housing conditions and employer branding
    • Headhunting for job offers top 10% market conditions and good employer branding
    • Headhunting + Employer Branding for top 10% market conditions but missing or weak employer branding
    • Staff Development + Employer Branding for average offers. Creation of staff development program including intensive language and qualification test preparation. Selection of suitable candidates and agreement on qualification steps, timeline, milestones, family immigration package and career incentives. Employer branding campaign if not already in place.
  6. Recruiting of Candidates based on agreed profiles based on a service level agreement (SLA) with our clients defining clearly the steps and timeline of the recruiting process. Qualified healthcare candidates are in high demand and our clients have on average only 2 weeks between candidate submission and job offer.
  7. Upgrade of Candidate Qualification before departure. Intensive training and qualification program to cover candidates knowledge gaps.
    • Language training from 0 to A2 for caregiver and to B1/B2 for nurses with certification requirements
    • Medical vocabulary training in addition to general language training
    • Test preparation training with sample tests and reviews
    • Internships in Ukrainian hospitals to fresh up their work experience standing and professional registration
  8. Human Resource and Immigration
    • Immigration support. Preparation, translation and legalization of immigration documents.
    • Departure planning. Logistical support
    • On-boarding support for the new employees
    • Constant contact with candidates and their families
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