Clarus supplies international hospitality companies since 2012 with candidates from 46 countries from fresh beginners to seasoned professionals.

customer challenges

Hospitality business is all about having the right people with the right mindset to satisfy customers and to create an unforgettable hospitality experience. Guests expect from hospitality companies services from international staff who understand their language and culture.

The higher the perceived standard of the business the more expectations are for a professional international service team.

Clarus offers a variety of staffing solutions from 46 countries allowing our clients the selection of multiple nationalities from beginners to seasoned professionals.

A Team of Restaurant Staff
Chef and restaurant staff meeting guests at a hotel restaurant

Clarus provides hospitality staff from 46 countries allowing our clients the perfect cultural and language skill mix their customers are looking for.

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Global staffing solution with candidates from 46 countries with overview of up-to-date labor market conditions.

Map of Central Europe


Key focus on Eastern European candidates with sourcing databases of more than 200000 candidates.



You need urgently staff? We offer candidate marketing and calling campaigns where we approach more than 250 candidates per day with your job offer.

Recruitment outsourcing


You want to control and run the majority of the recruiting process by yourself but you are lagging staff resources? Outsource parts of the process to Clarus.

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