About the Company

True personalisation

Verdify is a food tech scale-up that develops digital technology for healthy and sustainable eating. An evidence-based approach and data-driven recipe personalisation are at the core of the technology. Verdify’s engine currently powers the personalized recipe platform Swapmeals.com where recipes automatically match consumers’ nutrition profiles.

AI-powered platform

Verdify’s personalization engine can be used to tailor most recipes on the internet according to consumer needs and preferences. A proprietary swapping algorithm substitutes non-matching ingredients whilst another algorithm ‘rewrites’ the recipe instructions – making sure the result is tasty and nourishing. Consumers can easily establish a personal nutrition profile on the Verdify website and activate it on Swapmeals.com to find fully personalized and shoppable recipes.

A frontrunner in personalized nutrition

Verdify was selected as one of four Next Heroes in Foodtech 2020 by Foodbytes; as a Top 10 innovation in Nutrition in the Blue Tulip Awards; and as top three companies in the Foodvalley Awards Nutrition & Health 2020. In 2021 Verdify won the Booster '21 award – powered by Food Innovation Hub Europe.

Our core values

Verdify aims to create a lasting impact on people’s lives through enjoyable, healthy, and sustainable eating. Towards this vision, Verdify has established a set of core values and principles on which the company navigates. The core values and principles are:

Evidence-based information
We will only communicate a claim about food and health when there is sufficient supporting data from peer-reviewed articles or accepted claims by regulatory authorities.
Privacy and user control
Users can maintain control over their personal data and have the option to remove their personal profiles permanently. We adhere to the principles of GDPR and respect data privacy.
Transparency and openness
We will provide open access to the background of food claims in layman's terms for any user to form an independent opinion. Honesty and full transparency are ingrained in all our interactions with the end-user and partners.
Positive work culture
We nurture an open and collaborative work culture, where we value working and learning together in a respectful and open way while caring for our team members.
Health focus
The vast majority of the ingredients, food products, and recipes used on our platform fit into a generally healthy diet and we exclude high amounts of refined sugar, salt, and/or saturated fats, except in recipes targeted at users with special needs.
Healthier environment and planet
We will continuously strive to offer products and recipes in an environmentally positive way by encouraging seasonal, local produce and minimizing food wastage.
Company Overview
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