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TN Logistica: indispensable ring of logistics chain

TN Logistica, a company of Gruppo Torello, was established in 2007 for an important core business within the consulting and organization of road transportation of full and partial loads as well as the groupage transportation all over the Europe.

Designed to operate in synergy with the flows of Gruppo Torello, TN Logistica represents the solution for European market, where the Gruppo transports the goods. Within the usual practice of Gruppo Torello in road transportation, the business includes the transportation of all types of goods by the means operated at the ambient temperature and those operated with controlled temperature.

10 Years and a New Headquarters

In 2017, while celebrating its 10th anniversary, TN Logistica was transferred to its head office in Senec; this became an important fact, decisive within Gruppo Torello.

In the background of an organization able to become integrated harmoniously in the territory, there are persons with key roles from the beginning. A foresight shows a fundamental stage in Senec, Bratislava.

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