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In the 9th century, King Ludwig the German built a palace chapel dedicated to the Mother of God with rich and magnificent furnishings, in which the liturgy was celebrated for the royal court and prayers were to be given for the ruling family.

After his death, one of his successors moved the Palatinate to Sankt Emmeram. The building fell into disrepair.

Only the Bavarian Duke Heinrich IV, later Emperor Heinrich II, restored the church 125 years later. He moved the royal palace back to the Kornmarkt and again used the old chapel, which he had built larger than before, as the royal palace chapel.

In 1009 he donated his church to the diocese of Bamberg, which he had founded two years earlier. The Regensburg exclave of the diocese of Bamberg that was created in this way lasted until 1803. Due to the donation to Bamberg, it lost its political importance, even though it served as a palace chapel until the Staufer period during royal stays in Regensburg.

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