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Your application is important for us. We keep your data safe and confidential and recommend only employers which are duly reviewed and where we have a clear understanding of work and living conditions.

Our recruiting services are free for candidates and we are going to help and support you also during and after your employment period.

As professional recruiting agency we are working and are getting paid by the employers. We do not discriminate candidates on the basis of nationality, gender or any other criteria but please understand that we cannot provide jobs for everybody.


  1. You fill out our application form here on this web page.
  2. Depending on your nationality, industry, work experience and career goals you will receive additional questions from us by email which we kindly ask you to answer.
  3. We will contact you by phone if your profile matches with one of our customer requests or if we see that we may have an opportunity for you in the near future.
  4. After the call we will schedule with you a follow-up video interview with our recruiter.
  5. Once we agree with you for a specific job opportunity with one of our clients we will introduce you.
  6. We arrange either personal or video interview with our client and prepare you for the interview.
  7. Once the client is interested to hire you we arrange job offer for signature by employer and by you and inform you about the next steps.
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